Space Junk 3D awarded top Grand Prix at Dimension 3 Festival in Paris

Minneapolis, MN June 21, 2012

Space Junk 3D recieves top honors

Dimension 3 Festival, the largest international festival for 3D productions, recently awarded the top Grand Prize to Melrae Pictures’ Space Junk 3D.

“Being awarded the Grand Prix as one of 101 programs in competition from over 15 countries is truly an honor,” states Director Melissa Butts of Melrae Pictures.

Jury member and CEO of La Geode, Laurent Dondey explains, "winning the Grand Prize at Dimension 3 comes from an international jury who has become more and more demanding in terms of technical achievement and wants soul-stirring and mind-expanding creations to prevail. Space Junk indeed met this with an amazing subject, wonderfully creative graphics and a message to be received and visually and intellectually enjoyed by many.”

Space Junk 3D, narrated by Academy Award® Nominee Tom Wilkinson, is the first movie to explore the exponentially expanding ring of debris that threatens the safety of our planet’s orbits.

Producer Kimberly Rowe said they were drawn to the topic precisely because of the lack of visuals. “It left you wanting to know more, and it’s also incredibly visual, yet there were no visuals to really see with this,” she said of the subject of orbital debris.

Harnessing the magical imagery of 3D Giant Screen, Full Dome and Digital Theater, Space Junk 3D takes us soaring―from the stunning depths of Meteor Crater to an unprecedented view of our increasingly crowded orbits, 22,000 miles above earth.

Described as “a fascinating, and at times sobering, look at a problem that is only becoming more serious,” by the Space Review, Space Junk is showing in IMAX and Digital theaters around the world. Since premiering Jan 2012, Space Junk has outperformed theater expectations and been embraced by educators and general audiences alike. Comments confirm the fresh nature of the topic and the visual power of the film on the giant screen.


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